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Kit List

The list below details the kit I am currently using.

Jackson Villain
– River running boat:
Dagger Nomad

Classic Jackson SuperStar
– Playboat:
Jackson SuperStar

Typhoon Multisport 3 Drysuit
– Cold water drysuit:
Typhoon Multisport 3 Drysuit

Palm Kinetic LS Cag
– Custom fit long sleeve cag
Palm Kinetic LS Cag

Artistic Aveto Radical Short-Sleeve Cag
– Warm water short sleeve cag:
Artistic Aveto Radical SS Cag

Palm Extrem EV Buoyancy Aid
– River rescue buoyancy aid:

Palm Gradient Shoes
– Highly capable creek shoe:
Palm Gradient Shoes

Okespor Cat Fish Low Boots
– Playboating boots:
Okespor Cat Fish Low Boots

Seals Pro Rand Spraydeck
– Bomb-proof spraydeck:
Seals Pro Rand Spraydeck

Sweet Rocker Full Cut
– River-running helmet:
Sweet Rocker Full-Cut

Immersion Research Union Suit
– One-peice thermal suit for under drysuits:
Immersion Research Union Suit

Vertical Element Carbon Pre-Preg Cranked Shaft Paddles
– Comfiest cranked paddles available: Vertical Element VE (on Facebook)

Tribord Thermals
– Really warm thermals at a sensible price: (More information:
Tribord l/s Thermal
Tribord s/s Thermal

HF Compact Alpine Throwbag
– Boat stored rescue rope:

Yak 15m Bullet Throwline
– Waist-mounted personal throwline:
Yak 15m Throwline

One Response to “Kit List”

  1. Simon said

    Dude – where did you buy your Artistic cag from? I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells them in the UK.


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